About Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the traditional ceremony interpreted by “Los Voladores de Papantla”, which originates in Veracruz, Mexico, the hometown of the owners. Four voladores, also known as fliers, launch themselves from the top of a 150-foot tall pole and each circulates 13 times, for a total of 52 rotations, representing the number of years in the Mesoamerican calendar cycle. All the while, one volador is on top of the pole performing a dance, while playing his flute and drum facing each of the four cardinal directions in turn. This is one of the tensest moments as he performs his dance without any protection at the top of the pole.

About the Business

Santa Fe Veracruzano opened its door to the public on December 14th, 2018. Prior to that, the owners worked at the longtime neighborhood favorite Santa Fe Grill, established in 1984 at the same location. The owners were involved with Santa Fe Grill for about 20 years up until it finally closed its doors in September of 2018. Santa Fe Veracruzano has conserved the same talented chef and has kept most of the menu the same so that longtime patrons feel their favorite neighborhood spot never left. When people visit Santa Fe Veracruzano they will be welcomed by the same friendly staff that has been around for many years. The owners of Santa Fe Veracruzano want to offer a few more authentic Mexican dishes to add a valuable touch of their own to the neighborhood.